Henna Brow Training

Duration: 1 day
Henna Brow

Training Overview

The Henna Brow Course is an in-depth one day training course that will give the students both theory and practical knowledge in relation to performing Henna Brows with complete confidence. Henna Brow is a premium, natural, and longer lasting option from chemical brow tinting. Staining the skin, and the hair, Henna Brow is able to define a new shape, perfect for a temporary filled in brow. Ideal for clients looking to test out a new shape before committing to PMU. This course is designed around the originally sourced Henna Brow, from Egypt (where Henna originated) and widely considered the best Henna on the market today. Understanding the science of Henna Brow, will separate you from other artists, and deliver customized results that last the longest for your clients. You will be required to bring in a model. Time of the model will be dependent of the time of your course. Class sizes are no more than 6 students.

How-To’s covered during the training:

  • Course Length: (5 Hours)

  • What is Henna, it's origin and story

  • Science of Henna 2 Stages of Development

  • Brow Mapping - Step by Step Application & Removal

  • Patch Testing

  • Mixing Henna Pigments

  • Contraindications

  • Sanitization and Sterilization

  • Henna Brow Colour Guide

  • Pricing & Consultations

  • Demonstration by Ontario's Hennatician Instructor

  • Client Consultation and Preparation

  • Live Mixing of Henna

  • Live Model Practical Application

NOTE: Jaimie is available to train offsite for an additional $500 travel fee, and is also available for private group or one-on-one training.

Michelle Annette Tremblay