Looking for a change in your brows but not ready to commit to Permanent Makeup? 

Introducing Henna Brow

  • creates rich, long lasting tint color, with the ability to hold up to 6 weeks on the hair and up to two weeks on the skin.

  • unique, custom color matching pigment, suitable for blonde, brunette and grey hair. 

  • naturally fills brow gaps. The formula is skin-safe and plant based, containing no ammonia or peroxide. 

  • is gluten free and vegan. 


About Henna Brow

For a temporary filled in brow look Henna Brow ™ offers a full colour stain for both the skin and brow hairs giving a freshly filled in brow look for up to 4 weeks! Henna Brow™ has been specially formulated to give a natural brow colour without the orange hues of traditional Body Henna.

Incredible product

Henna Brow by the Hennatician manufacture and supply the highest quality henna products available anywhere in the world. Our one-of-a-kind henna treatment kits and training program offer beauty professionals the opportunity to provide their clients with long-lasting, natural and effective alternative to chemical brow tinting.


  •  $65 for Service

  • $775 for Training