WIN THE ULTIMATE MAKE-OVER! Bancroft's new Thistle + Bloom is the place to get your glam on!

Makeup - Permanent Makeup - Eyelash Extensions - Photography Studio - Salon - Spa  


Hello Beauties,

I'm beyond happy to let you know that my new venture is in full swing! Earlier this summer I partnered up with a few other amaze-balls female entrepreneurs to launch THISTLE + BLOOM, and it's going better than I even could have imagined! Now you can access premium beauty services all under one roof. Read on for the details, and make sure you read to the end for AMAZING FREE GIVE AWAY VALUED AT OVER $700 [BELOW]!

Jaimie Jolly, Permanent Make-Up: Those who know me, know that I am just a little bit obsessed with perfect brows. I am a professional make-up artist, and permanent make-up artist, and I'm super stoked to have my very own location again, in addition to the 10 other locations I work out of across the province. I will be available at THISTLE + BLOOM a few days each week. Here are a few pics of my work, and you can learn more at

Talia Switzer, Lash Envy: Want long, thick, sexy lashes everyday? My girl Talia will set you up! I love her masterfully applied extensions so much, I had to get a set for myself. Do I love them? Of course I do! And I feel so effing pretty! Check out Talia's work below.

Professional Photography Studio: Need a new headshot for your social media pages? Or want to surprise your sweetheart with some sexy boudoir shots? Talia is our double agent: she's both an amazing eyelash tech, and a talented photographer. Come get your hair, makeup and photos done all under one convienient roof. Upcoming events include: Sept 3, Mini-Headshot session, and Oct 8 & 22 Mini-Boudoir Session (sessions include hair, makeup and photography)

Kelly White & co. Hair Salon: We have a bright and spacious hair studio at THISTLE + BLOOM, and our in-house stylist Kelly White, and our visiting stylists can hook you up with a new 'do, colour, extensions, moisturizing treatments.

Spa Services: We are so lucky to have a bevy of guest health and wellness professionals. Looking for nutrition advice, mani/pedi, etc? Drop us a line to find out which services we have avaialble this month, and what's available at our sister spa True Scarlet.


Includes: Cut, Colour and Style, New Semi Permanent Brows, and Lash Extensions. Value of over $700!!!

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Have you been in our space yet? If not, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!  We are loving our new work digs and would love to see you soon!

For those who are new to Thistle + Bloom, here are some things you may not know. Our space is a different concept than you may be used to. The three of us are independent professionals who work under the same roof (Talia - lashes/photography, Jaimie - permanent makeup/makeup artistry, Kelley - hair). Basically, we're roommates! This allows us all to have the freedom of being self employed, while still having a central location to provide our services. As working moms, this is huge!

Thistle + Bloom doesn't operate as a typical beauty place. We are by appointment only and each of us run our services separate from each other (with the exclusion of promos where we may collaborate). We have a shared phone, email and Facebook page. If you contact us via one of these options, we all have access and will respond accordingly. 

We also have space to rent, so more services than we currently provide can be available to you. These renters are also independent and will need to be contacted directly if you would like to book an appointment with them.

As we get more settled in and grow, we are figuring things out and ironing out bugs. This is a different concept than we're used to also! We really appreciate your patience and always love to hear from you. If you have questions, please ask!

And if you haven't already, check out and LIKE our independent pages, Jaimie Jolly, Kelley White, and Talia Switzer. Much love!

Michelle Annette Tremblay